Terms of Service

1. We assume you have read and agree to these Terms of Service by taking the time to read them on your own. It is your responsibility to keep up on any changes.

2. Only registered members may participate. It is your responsibility to keep your email address and any other info current.

3. Participation is done at your own risk. The Blazing Grace forum addresses sensitive issues that are not appropriate for children.

4. This is not a place to pick up sex partners, flirt or provided solicitations for any kind sexual media or material. Doing this will get you banned.

5. Sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate handles are not allowed.

6. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, crucified for man's sin, and the Bible is the Word of God, inerrant in its entirety. This forum is not the place to promote other religions or belief systems, or debate truth, the Bible, or whether any form of sex outside of marriage is sin. You will refrain from making statements or URLs which promote the acceptability of the homosexual lifestyle, adult entertainment, sexual immorality or pagan or false religions. Doing any of this will get you banned, immediately.

7. You will not harass, threaten, humiliate or distress the other members; no name calling or insults. Promoting a spirit of divisiveness in any way will not be tolerated. You will not attack a person's character or decide that you know their motives and condemn them. If another member is not a Christian you will not disparage them. Foul or otherwise inappropriate language is not tolerated. We are here to encourage and learn from each other, not tear each other up.

8. You will not use this forum for any unlawful purposes.

9. You will not promote or transmit via chat or forums any information, data, graphics, text, files, links, software, or other materials that are or may be considered to be unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, or hateful; that are racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; or that violate any copyright or other intellectual property or the proprietary rights of any person. Doing any of this will get you banned.

10. You should always view forums as public meeting places. To the extent possible, all forum conversations are the property of Blazing Grace. By participating you have granted Blazing Grace the license to use them for any purpose whatsoever. For this reason you may not post any material for which you do not own the copyright. Posting entire articles is prohibited, even if permission has been granted by the copyright holder. Instead please only post a portion of the article with a link to read the rest.

11. You will not post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or any other forms of solicitation.

12. You will not post disruptive content, such as chain letters, all caps, unnecessarily long messages, or meaningless text.

13. You will not disrupt the normal flow of dialogue in chat or forums or act in a manner that negatively affects other members, including and perhaps especially in the defense of Christianity, in offering unwelcome spiritual counsel, or in debating doctrinal issues. Respect someone's request if they say they are doubting their faith and express that they do not wish to discuss it. If another Christian disagrees with you theologically do not immediately jump to the conclusion that they are not saved just because they disagree, as there are differences of opinion in translating Biblical doctrine.

14. Blazing Grace reserves the right to determine what forms of Christian "ministry" can be safely practiced within the forums and to prohibit at its sole discretion any form of ministry that it deems unsafe or inappropriate.

15. Blazing Grace prohibits the exercise of prophecy, dream interpretation, "words of knowledge," speaking in tongues and praying for or coaching others in the receipt of speaking in tongues, within its forums. This is not, however, reflective in any way of the views of Blazing Grace on the legitimacy of such practices in a local church setting. No coming into the community and typing in a bunch of non-sense words and claiming to be speaking in tongues. You may say to someone that you felt led to share a portion of scripture in order to encourage and lift up a brother in Christ or lead someone to a saving knowledge of the Lord as long as it is invited.

16. Please do not use chat and forums to air your grievances against other fellow members.

17. Blazing Grace reserves the right to respond to the violation of any of the above Terms of Service with any of the resources available to its administrators and moderators without warning including involuntary movement to another area, "booting" (involuntary expulsion from forums) for any duration of time including permanently at its sole discretion.

Please send an email to email@blazinggrace.org with any questions or comments regarding our Terms of Service.